Definitions for "Sections"
Band Proper is divided into sections according to the instrument played. There are major sections (such as woodwinds, brass, low brass) and each of them is divided into subsections of individual instruments. A sectional is when the members of a section get together either during practice at school, or more commonly at the section leader's home and hold a music practice (among other things).
area; part In pages with more than one header, a section is a portion of a page between two header. In pages with only one header, but with multiple subheaders, a section is a portion of a page between two subheaders. use "section" for content areas at any level, such as the "Foreign Investments" subsection Headers
Divisions in a form or report that each have their own properties. Sections include the form or report header and footer, page header and footer, details, and in reports group headers and footers.
Used in the context of book binding sections are the folded sheets of paper that make up the pages. To bind a book, one sews the pages (or sections) together thorough the folds. The sewn sections are then sewn together to form a textblock.
A group of folded sheets, usually comprising 4, 8,12,16 or 32 pages, which together make up a complete book.
Removable pieces of bulletin, permitting rotation of the unit to another location. Can also refer to poster sheets.
Sections enable individual members of SAA to meet with archivists of similar backgrounds and interests. Membership in sections is voluntary and self-selecting; each member may join two sections. The sections meet at the annual meeting, and most have their own newsletters.
Divisions in a document that enable you to change formatting elements only within that portion of the document.
A general term referring to structural bars, rolled or extruded in any cross section, such as angles, channels, bulbs, Tees, H and I bars (or beams). Sometimes called profiles. Also the intersections with the hull of transverse planes perpendicular to the centerline plane of the ship.
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The three walking legs and one claw on one side of king, snow or Dungeness crab, all attached at the shoulder.
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a horrendous idea that makes RSS much harder to handle than it should be
vertical records of stratigraphy revealed by excavation and recorded in drawings and photographs as evidence of the sequence of contexts on a site.
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Small wooden (or plastic) boxes used to produce comb honey.
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The areas within a course that hold activities are known as sections. This is a generic term that covers weeks and topics.
Are the list of topics that create the menu on the left hand side of your website. They are also the title on the main page for that section. You are allowed up to 12 sections, which you control completely.
Panels interconnected with hinges and rollers
a great way to enhance your practice, network with your peers, and take advantage of educational opportunities
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a most effective route to progress
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See details.