Definitions for "Sectional"
Refers to the cross-section of the boat. This is like cutting the boat into baloney slices.
Relating to an image that looks like a thin, sectional slice through the patient. Most common in CT, MRI and SPECT is the cross-sectional (= axial or transverse) slice, but in MRI sagittal (="profile"), coronal (="frontal") and even angled sections/slices are also used, whereas in ultrasound sections may be at any angle, and are usually wedge shaped.
Band Proper is divided into sections according to the instrument played. There are major sections (such as woodwinds, brass, low brass) and each of them is divided into subsections of individual instruments. A sectional is when the members of a section get together either during practice at school, or more commonly at the section leader's home and hold a music practice (among other things).
A practice session called by the section leader, usually held before a rehearsal.
Consisting of sections, or capable of being divided into sections; as, a sectional steam boiler.
consisting of or divided into sections; "a sectional sofa"; "sectioned plates"
A sofa in several segments. It may be curved or straight and have one, two or no arms. The sections may be used in combination or separately as the shape of the room dictates.
(U.S.) VFR navigation chart, equivalent to our 1:500,000 or 'half-million'
Of or pertaining to a section or distinct part of larger body or territory; local.
a tournament level above local and below regional.
relating to or based upon a section (i.e. as if cut through by an intersecting plane); "a sectional view"; "sectional drawings"