Definitions for "Second language"
a language learned in late childhood or adulthood for the purpose of regular use in daily life; for example, in the case of many immigrants to the United States or other countries, or people who, for personal or professional reasons, communicate frequently with speakers of another language. Contrast FOREIGN LANGUAGE.
A language acquired by a person in addition to his mother tongue' UNESCO. See Bilingualism See Second Language Acquisition Topics website
Refers to the second language (L2) a child learns. In the context of language minority students in the USA, this is usually English.
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a debate interval between academia, art institutions and individuals, coordinated by artists Nate Harrison, Hugo Hopping and Mario Garcia Torres
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an asset for all ENSP majors (Drake offers French, German, Japansese, and Spanish)
a portrait of the author's second adoptive country (much as Tick Bite Fever was of his first), and an account of his efforts to fit in here - a challenge that has defeated plenty of natives, let alone newcomers
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a hilarious coming-of-age story readers won
a district-wide program of the Augusta Public Schools
a definite advantage if you want to work in this department, but other than that it requires good project management, experience of working to deadlines and a very high level of attention to detail
a must for those who want to become a travel agent
a demonstrable skill and will give you the edge on your competitors
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a great idea