Definitions for "Seaweed"
Keywords:  kelp, alga, macroalgae, fucus, detoxify
Popularly, any plant or plants growing in the sea.
Any marine plant of the class Algæ, as kelp, dulse, Fucus, Ulva, etc.
any of the larger (multicellular) forms of algae that live in the ocean.
The band Seaweed was a punk group active throughout the 1990s. They hailed from Tacoma, Washington. In their early days Seaweed was signed to Sub Pop and later released albums on Hollywood Records and Merge Records.
Seaweed is a rock musician from North Carolina, United States. He was a longtime feature in the cult punk band Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 with Wednesday 13. Seaweed went on to play in another horror punk band The Graveyard Boulevard in which he was the vocalist and bassist.
Antiviral and antibacterial activity.
Keywords:  vegetable, salty, stews, soups, fried
A sea vegetable full of nutrients that can also be used as an alternative to trees and oil for making products such as paper and plastic.
As it suggests, seaweed. However, often some other vegetable is substituted. As it is deep fried, dry and usually salty, most people cannot tell the difference
Often used as a thickener in soups, stews and vegetable dishes.
Keywords:  haskell, focus, xml, publisher, library
Seaweed is a library for the functional programming language Haskell. The current focus of this library is on XML, and the internet. The Haskell Web Publisher is based on Seaweed.