Definitions for "Seaward"
Based in Peterlee, County Durham Seaward manufactures electronic test equipment for the electric, medical and test industry. The company also has sites on the south coast of England, Croydon in Surrey and a distribution office in the United States. Seaward distributes all over the world under the product names :- Seaward, Rigel, Cropico, Clare and Clare USA, as well as building test instruments for other companies who sell them under their own name.
(of winds) coming from the sea toward the land; "an inshore breeze"; "an onshore gale"; "seaward winds"
Side of an island that faces the direction of wave action generated either by winds or by currents generated by more indirect forces.
Keywords:  sailor, directed, situated, looked
Directed or situated toward the sea.
in the direction of the sea; "the sailor looked seaward"