Definitions for "Searcher"
One who, or that which, searches or examines; a seeker; an inquirer; an examiner; a trier.
Formerly, an officer in London appointed to examine the bodies of the dead, and report the cause of death.
An instrument for examining the bore of a cannon, to detect cavities.
An officer of the customs whose business it is to search ships, merchandise, luggage, etc.
a customs official whose job is to search baggage or goods or vehicles for contraband or dutiable items
large metallic blue-green beetle that preys on caterpillars; found in North America
Person who identifies victims of plague and quarantines their houses
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a captive audience
An instrument for feeling after calculi in the bladder, etc.
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An inspector of leather.
A title company employee who assembles the links required to complete a chain of title to real property.