Definitions for "Search warrant"
a court order giving police the right to enter and search where someone lives or works.
A written order by a magistrate directed to a peace officer commanding him/her to search for certain property or thing and to seize it and bring it before the magistrate, or commanding him/her to search for and photograph a child and to deliver to the magistrate any of the film exposed pursuant to the order. A search warrant may not be issued unless sufficient facts are first presented to satisfy the issuing magistrate that probable cause exists for its issuance. A sworn affidavit setting forth substantial facts establishing probable cause must be filed in every instance in which a search warrant is requested. If the affidavit establishes probable cause that a person has committed an offense, the search warrant may also order his/her arrest. A search warrant must be executed within three days of its issuance
A document which enables police to search premises and/or vehicles and/or persons and to seize things found which may be used as evidence• Justices of the Peace• Police Powers
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