Definitions for "Seams"
Inherent discontinuities in a raw material that run longitudinally. They are folds in the material, not fractures at the grain boundary.
A surface defect caused during the steel making process. Seams are generally formed from blow holes in the ingot, non metallic inclusions, or stresses arising during the solidification stage. They appear as longitudinal discontinuities in the bar.
A narrow, non-crystalline discontinuity, which is usually inherent in the raw material. Seams are usually straight or smooth-curved line discontinuities running parallel to the product axis.
Wallcovering has taped or sewn seams that were not removed during production or before shipment.
A line of junction where panels are connected together.
the overlapping pieces of an envelope that hold it together. The alternative to seams is welded seams, wherein one sheet of paper is glued directly (welded) to the next. In this case the inside dimension of the envelope is foreshortened by 3/4" (3/8" on both ends).
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Back Seams Flat Seams Mock Seams Seam sealing Seamed Seamless U Seams
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The joints between the planks in a vessel's deck or side.
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