Definitions for "Seaman"
The name of Lewis' Newfoundland dog that accompanied the expedition. For years, the dog's name was thought to be Scannon because of a misreading of Lewis' handwriting.
Seaman, a black Newfoundland dog, was purchased for $20 by Captain Meriwether Lewis for his famed Lewis and Clark expedition. The dog was once thought to have been named Scannon. The matter has been debated often over the years.
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One whose occupation is to assist in the management of ships at sea; a mariner; a sailor; -- applied both to officers and common mariners, but especially to the latter. Opposed to landman, or landsman.
i) A sailor, esp. one below the rank of officer, ii) a person regarded in terms of skill in navigation.
a man who serves as a sailor
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a deck hand and junior member of the crew who assists in sail handling and other tasks aboard ship while gaining the necessary experience and sea time required for an officer's position
a member of the crew of a vessel or someone who assigned to a vessel or a fleet of vessels
a worker who works most of the time on a vessel or fleet of vessels doing the vessel's work
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A merman; the male of the mermaid.
muckraking United States journalist who exposed bad conditions in mental institutions (1867-1922)