Definitions for "Sealant"
Any material which is used to close up cracks or joints to protect against leaks.
A flexible material placed in building joints to block the flow of air, heat or moisture. Caulking is a type of low-performance (low movement) sealant.
Sealants, Adhesives and Tapes Material that fills gaps where movement can occur in service, when applied in a uniform state, by adhering to the appropriate surfaces within the joint.
Joints between panels are generally made waterproof by a gunned in sealant. The most widely specified sealant is low modulus silicone. Silicone has high movement accommodation ability and long life expectancy. Primary seals will have a twin outer seal with a cavity between drained at an appropriate point.
Often used as a synonym for "caulk." The word "sealant" usually means a compound that has greater performance than a caulk, i.e., it can accommodate movement in a joint or crack.
Silicone or other product used for creating a waterproof seal around baths, etc.
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See: Hoof sealant.
Used during the finishing process on models to "seal" it away from catastrophes caused by water, use and rough handling
a simple procedure requiring little time and no local anesthesia