Definitions for "SDL"
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Simulated Divided Lites. muntins permanently adhered to the interior and exterior of the glass.
(Simulated Divided Lites) Colonial style grids that are applied to the exterior glass lite and used in combination with GBG to simulate individual glass lites.
Simulated Divided Lite. Windows with grilles adhered to the interior and exterior of the window glass, in a variety of decorative options, to simulate the look of True Divided Lite.
Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua
Simple DirectMedia Layer SDL is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide fast access to the video framebuffer and the audio device. Since version 1.1, it features YUV overlay support, which reduces decoding times by a third.
SmartDraw Library
See Software Development Library
SDL or the Service Description Language. This is a standard proposed by Microsoft and has since been superceeded by WSDL. See also WSDL
Specification & Description Language
The Shore Data Language, a language for defining abstract data types, from which source code can be generated for various programming languages.
Self-Directed Learning
Short Distance Learning. using satellite and microwave technology, schools share a teacher's speciality with the entire district through live, lowcost interactive classes transmitted through the Tape and Delay Centers.
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Smart Data Loopback
System Detection Limit. Describes the sensitivity of the instruments used for detecting gases during permeation testing. This limit is determined prior to each permeation test by exposing the detection device to a minimum known quantity of the challenge chemical which will produce a measurable signal. SDL is expressed in parts per million. Go to top
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Safety Deficient Location
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Space Dynamics Laboratory
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Signal distribution layer