Definitions for "SDF"
Starlink Data File. A file with the extension .sdf accessible via Starlink software or libraries.
Slew Data File
Standard Data Format or Schedule Data File System File Format or Autodesk MapGuide Spatial Data Files
Super Dimensional Fortress - if you don't know what that is, then why are you reading this..? wink
super duper fast. "Look at her go. She's SDF!"
Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon. A tendon which runs down the back of the leg, splits below the fetlock, and attaches to the P I and P II. In the hind legs, the SDF acts primarily as a ligament of the stay apparatus.
(Self-Defence Forces) Japan's army, navy and airforce, established in 1954 purely for national defence, though now also used for international peacekeeping operations.
SPILLWAY DESIGN FLOOD. The largest flood that a given project is designed to pass safely. The reservoir inflow discharge hydrograph used to estimate the spillway discharge capacity requirements and corresponding maximum storage elevation in the reservoir.
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See Thumps
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Scottish Drug Forum SDMD Scottish Drug Misuse Database
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Status Display facility.
Site Definition Files; collection of data groups that result from executing Site Definition Processor.
Screen Definition Facility. An IBM product which assists in the definition of CICS Basic Mapping Support (BMS) maps for device and format independence.
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Sub Distribution Frame. (See IDF.)
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Strategic Development Fund
Skills Development Facilitator
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Service Data Function
Services Data Function
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See fixed length.