Definitions for "Scripts"
The contents of a computer programming language, or list of instructions; also referred to as macros or batch files.
Programs that are text files with lines of instructions for a script interpreter to follow. Scripts are often used to automate common procedures (like a DOS batch file runs a common set of DOS commands). Scripts can also be used for programming logic in Web browsers (like JavaScript and VBScript) or on the web server (CGI scripts and Active Server Pages). Table of Contents
A piece of text that either gives commands to your web-browser (in the languages of JavaScript and VBScript), or to your web-server (in CGI scripts).
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A representation of a schema in terms of a sequence of abstract actions with slots for specific instances. See [ Schank77] and schema. [ Omerod90].
Standard actions carried out in a particular order by offenders to commit crimes 35, 36
Scripts were developed in the early AI work by Roger Schank and his research group, and are a method of representing procedural knowledge. They are very much like frames, except the values that fill the slots must be ordered.
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Scripts are computer programming code written in relatively simple programming languages.
Anytime CODE is written that performs a specific task, that is called a script. Scripts can range from a simple ASP page that sends email to a script that creates and configures mailboxes.
Scripts are small, simple programs that are written in interpreted languages like PERL and TCL. Interpreted languages are those languages that are generated into machine code on-the-fly, which means they execute (much) more slowly than compiled programs written in C or C++. They are typically easier to write than more complex compiled applications. Scripts are usually used for simple, lightweight applications and are typically much easier to write than a standard program written in C and C++.
A list of commands that can be executed without user interaction.
Programs that are used to tell FileMaker Pro to execute an action (or series of actions). For example, when the System Administrator clicks a button to "Notify Approvers," a script is performed. This script performs a series of commands which includes a "sendmail" command which automatically sends a pre-formatted email message to the selected approvers. Scripts are programmed by an individual, and are specific to an action (or series of actions).
A function code that is executed when a page loads from the web.
Scripts are precisely defined sequences of sentences that have to be read to customers. The compliance with them is often being checked by coaches, through monitoring or mystery calls. See also standard phrases.
Stored knowledge of sequences of behavior that one follows in certain common situations.
Four texts that accompany the video. Each script presents a different perspective of the same events. The scripts are Woman (first person), Man (first person), Dialogue, and Narrator (third person). They can be read, listened to, or both.
Pro-forma procedural statements used by senators at certain times during debates and other Senate proceedings.
Observing Specifications Log
In symbolic interactionism, it is the observation that humans act as though they were following a script; they are influenced by past events and experiences and act accordingly in ways that make sense to them.
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full path to the scripts directory (often this is $CSMROOT/scripts).
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a small programm in a webpage
Unconscious, socially and culturally determined plans that individuals use to organize and guide their behavior.
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An HTML page which passes variable back to the server.
An HTML page which passes variables back to the server.
Files that initiate routines like generating Web pages dynamically in response to user input.
Frequently used information stored in a system so it can be easily selected and inserted into messages to reduce typing time and to speed communications.
enables customisation of forms collecting information about site visitors