Definitions for "Scripting"
The process of giving a computer commands and parameters to process. Scripting is similar to programming languages but is less powerful. Scripting allows a non-programmer to implement powerful commands without needing to understand the underlying fundamentals of the language.
Unlike JavaTM, which is based on separate software components, scripting languages such as JavaScript or JScript are embedded right in the HTML.
In the Internet world, a script is a program that runs on a server and processes requests in response to input from the browser. There is client scripting as well as server scripting.
The automation or optimization of permissable game actions through the writing of very simple game routines.
Writing and executing scripts to control the behavior of multiple applications.
Writing a script.
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Scripting systems are essentially online help dialogs that guide an agent's responses in a live call. For example, if a called party says that they can't talk now, and could the agent phone back later, a script might give the agent a number of responses to select from in reply, perhaps including "it'll only take a minute of your time."
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Scripting, from Kodak, is like software for the camera. The camera can: Take the same picture with different exposures to ensure the best shot. Add the date, text, and time to your images. Calculate picture quality and compression to allow 1 more picture. Provide the assistance of a photo expert who walks the user through a series of questions to help get the right photo.