Definitions for "Scrim"
Keywords:  gauze, curtain, lit, mesh, flax
A kind of light cotton or linen fabric, often woven in openwork patterns, -- used for curtains, etc,; -- called also India scrim.
A curtain made from a loosely woven special effects fabric that looks solid when lit from the audience side and becomes almost invisible when back lit.
A low cost fabric woven into an open mesh construction, used in the processing of tape or other B-stage material to facilitate handling.
Keywords:  grid, shrink, canvas, knitted, unwoven
Thin canvas glued on the inside of panels to prevent shrinking, checking, etc.
a grid of relatively large, unwoven, straight yarns
a neutral coloured or shaded grid filter that allows a predetermined percentage of light to pass through it
A wire screen that is used to decrease light output without diffusing it
an important tool used in lighting
a translucent screen that the live Gorillaz band members performed behind as their animated alter egos flickered onscreen in what amounted to one bombastic animated cartoon
Keywords:  prepeg, hoop, blanks, lightweight, mat
Lightweight cloth, mat or fiber added to rod blanks to locate structural fibers and resin in a prepeg. Can also be used to contribute to hoop strength.
An imperative command meaning "leave the premises", similar to the English "scram!"
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MIPS compiler
Keywords:  camo, weapon, netting, your
camo for your weapon (netting,etc)
a practice match, usually before one of the teams go into a more serious 'ladder' match