Definitions for "SCREENS"
Keywords:  mesh, ventilation, vent, sash, vermin
close-mesh woven screen material used to inhibit entry of insects, yet permit light, air and vision.
An array of wires or electrified screening that protects areas or openings, such as skylights and crawl spaces. It may use broken circuit or capacitance techniques to sense intrusion.
usually mounted on the window or door exterior, depending on sash, vent, or panel operation. Screens provide ventilation and transparency and are usually one of three types: insect screens to resist insects, protection screens to resist glass breakage and casual vandalism, or security screens to resist forced entry or escape.
Wooden partition at the kitchen end of a hall, protecting a passage leading to buttery, pantry, and kitchen. (Gies, Joseph and Francis. Life in a Medieval Castle, 226) Wooden paritions at lower end of hall, separating the latter from the entry or service screens passage, a cross-passage which has hall entrances and doorways to pantry, buttery and kitchen passages. (Wood, Margaret. The English Medieval House, 414)
Wooden partition at the lower or kitchen end of a hall. The screens passage lay between it and the kitchen etc. Traces still remain at Hemyock.
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The angle and frequency at which halftone, duo tones, tri tones, and color separation plates are placed.
See Benday. Also called Mechanical tints and Zip-a-tone
Percentages of a color, in a tiny dot pattern, applied to artwork or type, from 10% to 90%.
A shade of any solid color. Screens may add to the cost the cost of printing.
Any dot pattern used to produce various concentrations of color such as process, halftones, or gradients.
Keywords:  pantone, pms, magenta, cyan, bright
A screen is like a printing plate. One screen is needed for each color to be printed.
In the generation of final film, screens can be used which cause a fixed percentage or density of an ink to be printed. For example, the process color match (from the PANTONE Matching System) of PMS* 185, (bright red) is created by combining 0% Cyan, 91% Magenta, 76% Yellow, and 0% Black.
Impurities, larger or smaller than wheat grains are removed by screens of perforated metal; the size and shape of the perforations being chosen in relation to the wheat grain also.
equipment that separates solid material from liquid by allowing the liquid to pass through constrictions (the screen) of chosen size
the criteria used to identify those companies in which one chooses to invest; socially responsible screens can be negative (e.g., no tobacco companies), or positive (e.g., alternative energy companies)
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Indicates that the operation should be performed on the SCREEN_RESOURCES property of each screen of the display. For -load and -merge, the input file is processed once for each screen. This option is specific to X11R5.