Definitions for "Screen saver"
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silly software: A utility program that prevents screen burn-in by creating animated effects while you are not working. Effects range from moving patterns to flying toasters. If you leave an image on the screen for an extended period of time, it will eventually burn in and leave a permanent shadow.
A moving picture or pattern that is displayed on the screen when no activity takes place for a specified period of time.
A varying pattern or graphic that appears on the screen when the mouse and keyboard have been idle for a user-definable period of time. Originally used to prevent a static background from being "burned into" the screen phosphors, this is rarely a problem with modern monitors.
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r Bildschirmschoner
a simple, ordinary, commonplace utility
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screen scraping script
a maximized form that contains no borders and caption
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A software program that runs some sort of animation on the computer screen when it is turned on, but not in use.
a piece of software that runs when the computer goes to sleep
a software program that turns itself on when a computer has been inactive for a set length of time
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Smart Card Streaming Multimedia
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a good example of this priority level
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an executable file with an extension
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Two words
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a very common one