Definitions for "Scraper "
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In the printing press, a board, or blade, the edge of which is made to rub over the tympan sheet and thus produce the impression.
Tool made of hardened steel in a triangular shaft; used to remove zinc or copper from etching plates.
A tool designed to be used to scrape material such as wood, bone, and hide. the main feature is a steep working angle.
n: any device that is used to remove deposits (such as scale or paraffin) from tubing, casing, rods, flow lines, or pipelines.
A device propelled by the moving stream in a pipeline used to scrape out or dislodge wax, corrosion sediment, air, or other deposits that tend to increase friction loss, reduce throughput or lead to contamination of product; scrapers are dispatched from a launcher and received in a receiver. The outgoing barrel is on the discharge side of a pumping station; the incoming barrel is on the suction side. Also called pig; go-devil sec second(s)
A pipeline scraper, commonly referred to as a pipeline pig, is sent through a pipeline to clean the internal pipeline wall. Scrapers may contain scraper cups, discs, brushes, blades, or combinations thereof, to clean the pipeline walls. A scraper is pushed through the line by the flow of product in the line.
Synonyms: scraping Related Terms: ETL, spider, entity extractor Using software to automatically gather data from sources that are normally intended for humans to read. The software simulates mouse clicks and can even type in data into a form and submit it. A set of carefully constructed patterns are used to sift through the results that the server sends back. For example, a web page scraper might look for the text inside an H1 tag in HTML content to find the title of a web page. Classical scrapers had very sensitive rules and would often break even if simple cosmetic changes were made to the output; more modern scrapers can have more flexible rules, or employ multiple rules for the same item. This technology can be used for ETL or entity extraction. Most spiders use some form of scraping to make sense of the pages they are downloading, and could be considered highly specialized web page scrapers.
A scraper is an American made luxury/family car usually a General Motors model from the 1980's to current vehicles. Popular in Bay Area of Northern California, usually associated with the hyphy music and lifestyle movement i.e. e-40 lyrics "sittin in my scraper watching Oakland gone wild". A scraper is a general tag and can be a number of different cars, the most popular being Buick Regals, and Lesabres, but other popular models include Bonneville, Century, Delta 88, Riviera, Reatta, Cutlass Ciera, Cutlass Supreme, Grand Prix,(supercharged models are considered elite due to there performance), Lexus SC's, full size conversion vans, Caprice classics, and Impalas.
Scraper were a band hailing from the West Midlands of the United Kingdom, specialising in 100 Mph Hardcore Punk. Influenced by a variety of Punk Rock and Hardcore Punk bands, Scraper were likened to Snuff, Leatherface, China Drum, Hüsker Dü and even Fast Eddie period Motörhead. Scraper became popular throughout the latter half of the 1990's with strong followings around Birmingham, London and Cardiff.
animal that feeds on algae, fungi, or bacteria that is attached to rocks and other surfaces; see also Grazer.
functional group category, herbivores that graze on algae attached to stony or organic surfaces (periphyton feeders).
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An instrument with which anything is scraped.
An instrument by which the soles of shoes are cleaned from mud and the like, by drawing them across it.
An instrument drawn by oxen or horses, used for scraping up earth in making or repairing roads, digging cellars, canals etc.
A part of the stridulating or sound-making mechanism of certain grasshoppers; the sharpened anal angle on the front wing which is rubbed across the file.
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One who plays awkwardly on a violin.
One who acquires avariciously and saves penuriously.
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an older, smaller home on a lot in Rancho Santa Fe that is two acres or more in size
Mechanical device for removing a layer (usually soil or loose material) and transporting it away.
a hard-plastic ridged product that only removes a superficial layer of bacteria from the tongue
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Organisms which scrape stream surf...
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A device to keep out dirt or other foreign matter.
an excellent way to pick things up as well as quickly clearing your cutting board
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Scraper is designed to scrape the Web for information. It is very easy to use.
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One who scrapes.