Definitions for "Scrapbook"
Keywords:  memorabilia, album, photo, fun, story
album used to display photographs, memorabilia and journalled memories
An album used to display photographs and memorabilia.
an album into which clippings or notes or pictures can be pasted
a impeccable gift idea because many ancestors are not good at depiction a depiction coloring book of their own
a perfect gift idea because many people are not good at d
a treasured gift
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In VisualAge for Java, the window from which you can write, edit, and test fragments of code without having to define an encompassing class or method.
This is Emery Roth's name for a document which students create together. Scrapbooks typically include poetry or essays which students share and discuss online. This project is used to stimulate writing, exploration of technology, and critical thinking.
a great way to show how much fun you have with your business
a nice way to present the project's success
a perfect way for your kids to capture the memories of their homeschooling years
This self-released limited edition EP was only available at Switchblade Symphony gigs.
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Scrapbook is a 1999 horror film directed by Eric Stanze.
A NewDeal application that gives you a place to store graphics and bits of text so that they are available at a moments notice.
an organized collection of clippings, notes, pictures and other things
Each chapter collects articles and pictures for a scrapbook. Copies of significant items should be sent to the section and international scrapbook chairman also.
Functionality for creating personalized "watch lists" by enabling users to save Entities, Topics and contextual search results.
Keywords:  book, blank, extracts, pasted, memories
A blank book in which extracts cut from books and papers may be pasted and kept.
a book with various objects included in it
a collection of memories in a book form
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an integral part of any literate person's life anywhere in the world
a visual recording of your life and loves