Definitions for "SCR"
Serial Control Record.
Silicon Controlled Rectifier. A semiconductor device used to convert AC to DC. Commonly used in motor drive applications and UPS
This term has two separate and distinct meanings: 1) A solid-state semiconductor component that conducts or resists current flow depending upon whether a trigger voltage is present at the gate terminal. 2) A complete power controller that utilizes SCRs or TRIACs as the switching devices to control current flow.
IP: A document, warrant, or certificate that entitled the holder to a certain allotment of public lands. These certificates allowed the Department of the Interior to grant land without specifying the actual piece of land involved. Because some forms of scrip could be exchanged freely or could be bought and sold, it gave the holder the freedom to select a homestead within the special land grants, such as CPR or school lands. In other words, a holder of scrip was not restricted to selecting a homestead from only the Dominion Lands allotment. The holder of scrip, however, was restricted to selecting a homestead from the inventory of lands that had been properly surveyed and cadastered by a Dominion Lands Surveyor and were subsequently declared open for entry by a Dominion Lands office. At various times, scrip was issued to Métis residents (called Half-Breed Scrip in the records of the Department of the Interior), Original White Settlers, and members of the militia and the North-West Mounted Police.
Selective Catalytic Reduction. (Pssibly specific to Mercedes Benz).
(Selective Catalytic Reduction) A technology used in catalytic converters to reduce NOx-related exhaust emissions significantly. The majority of European automotive manufacturers have selected SCR technology to ensure that their heavy vehicles comply with the Euro IV emissions standard.
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This stands for Senior Common Room. Formally, this is simply a social grouping of Fellows and others: in practice, the term is used interchangeably with Governing Body. It is also the name of the room where they meet, drink, etc.
The Senior Common Room in Main Quad is where tutors meet, have coffee, read news papers. Many Committee meetings are held here in these rooms. Also the body of tutors.
Senior Common Room. Like the JCR this is both a collective term and a physical location. The SCR is made up of senior associate members and is located across from the JCR. This is where the fellows go to drink tea, read the papers and escape the ranting, of students. Enter without an invitation and you risk being shot at sundown.
An abbreviation for Specific Commodity Rate.
Standard Class Rate. A base revenue requirement on a per member or per employee basis, multiplied by group demographics information to calculate monthly premium rates.
sustainable cell rate. Rate above which incoming cells are either tagged or discarded.
Somerset Central Railway
Scottish Central Railway. Authorised from Greenhill (Caledonian Railway) to Perth (Dundee & Perth Railway and Scottish Midland Railway) to provide a through link between Euston and Aberdeen, the SCR absorbed the Dundee, Perth and Aberdeen Railway in 1863, this concern having been formed from an amalgamation of the Dundee & Perth Railway and the Dundee & Newtile Railway. The SCR was itself absorbed into the Caledonian Railway in 1865.
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Seletive Cataylic Redution
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System Change Request (for CHCS, CoPath, DBSS), official process for requesting modification or repair of software performance for non-emergency situations (viz., no threat or endangerment to life, limb, or bodily function); see also, System Incident Report (SIR)
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a deepwater steel riser (see Riser) suspended in a single catenary from a platform (typically a floater) and connected horizontally on the seabed.
Sealing cap receptacle, glass reinforced epoxy, stainless steel or aluminum, dummies off BCP, CCP
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Shady Creek Rattery
See Silence Compressed Record.
Silence Compressed Record. A recording that eliminates or limits the amount of silence in the recording without dropping the beginning of words that activate recording.
State Case Registry of Child Support Orders
State Case Registry. A database maintained by each state that contains information on individuals in all IV-D cases and all non-IV-D orders established or modified after October 1, 1998. (See also IV-D.)
State Case Registry. A database maintained by each state that contains information about individuals involved in all child support orders established or modified after October 1, 1998. Each SCR transmits its data to the Federal Case Registry, where it is compared to data from other states as well as the National Directory of New Hires. Any matches are returned to the appropriate states for processing.
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Abbreviation of ignal orps adio, indicating radar set is an Army model. The Navy uses a different designation system for sets.
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(Reg U.S. Pat Off., SCPI (BIA)): Structural Clay Research (trademark Of the Structural Clay Products Institute, BIA).
Trademark of the Brick Institute of America.
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Faxview Fax or Screen Saver or Script
Senate concurrent resolution; a measure introduced in one house which, if approved, must be sent to the other house for approval. The Governor's signature is not required. These measures usually involve the business of the Legislature.
Abbreviation for a concurrent resolution introduced in the Senate. See "CONCURRENT RESOLUTION".
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Screen layout dBase
The oldest award for formation skydiving achievement, for those who have been in a star of at least eight people in which each person left the aircraft separately and flew to the formation.
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The ISO currency code for the Seychelles Rupee.
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System Clock Reference Time at which the first byte of a particular pack is supposed to be fed to the decoder. VLC uses it to read the stream at the right pace.
STATE CHAMPIONSHIP RACE. Formerly known as state championship qualifier (SCQ). Required event within each state championship series.
Special Case Resources. Loads capable of being interrupted upon demand, and distributed generators, rated 100 kW or higher, that are subject to special rules set forth in the NYISO Services Tariff, in order to facilitate their participation in the Installed Capacity market as Installed Capacity Suppliers.
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Signal Corps radio
Science Capability Review
See System Concept Review
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Script (file name extension)
Screensaver file. These files can be found in your operating system directory and contain the source for your screensaver.
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Screen stocks Scrip