Definitions for "Score"
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A notch or incision; especially, one that is made as a tally mark; hence, a mark, or line, made for the purpose of account.
The number twenty, as being marked off by a special score or tally; hence, in pl., a large number.
A weight of twenty pounds.
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A line drawn; a groove or furrow.
Lightly cutting the surface of a food about 1/4 inch deep, using a knife. Scoring helps cooking and flavoring or it may be used for appearance (meat, yeast bread).
to cut narrow grooves or gashes part way through fat, in meats before cooking.; e.g., in steaks to prevent curling, or to cut diamond-shaped gashes through fat in ham just before glazing.
The original and entire draught, or its transcript, of a composition, with the parts for all the different instruments or voices written on staves one above another, so that they can be read at a glance; -- so called from the bar, which, in its early use, was drawn through all the parts.
To write down in proper order and arrangement; as, to score an overture for an orchestra. See Score, n., 9.
score is the symbolic notation of a piece of music.
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Refers to the grade of butter. Butter is graded/scored by government inspectors on the basis of flavor, aroma, body and texture.
a number or letter indicating quality (especially of a student's performance); "she made good marks in algebra"; "grade A milk"; "what was your score on your homework?"
get a certain number or letter indicating quality or performance; "She scored high on the SAT"; "He scored a 200"
The level of similarity from comparing a biometric sample against a previously stored template.
A number indicating the degree of similarity or correlation of a biometric match. Traditional authentication methods, passwords, PINs, keys and tokens, are binary, offering a yes/no response. Biometric systems, however, are based on matching algorithms that generate a score subsequent to match attempt. This score represents the degree of correlation between the verification template and the enrolment template.
A value indicating the degree of similarity or correlation between a biometric sample and a reference template.
The process of scratching the surface of moist greenware joints when building objects or attaching clay parts to one another. After scoring, the scratched areas are coated with slip, which creates a stronger bonded joint, and then pressed together.
refers to the process of scratching tiny criss-cross lines on areas of greenware that will be fastened together with Duncan's Patch-A-Tatch or clay slip.
The numeric rating assigned to an individual email on the basis of its spam likelihood. Messages with scores higher than 70 are considered spam.
a good indicator in predicting the likelihood that a patient's prostate cancer will return or spread
a number that tells creditors the likelihood that you'll repay them and determines what interest rate you will be charged
The numerical value assigned to one pair or another as the outcome of each deal. The score is awarded to the pair who successfully fulfilled a contract, or to their opponents if the contract was not made (see penalty). If the contract is made, the score is calculated by summing up points for bid tricks, bonuses, and points for overtricks. Otherwise, it is calculated by summing up penalties for undertricks (which significantly increase if the contract was doubled or redoubled). The other pair, actually, receives a "minus score" – that is, their score is the negative of their opponents' score.
SCORE international off-road racing sanctioning body. Race information and schedules are available on the official SCORE website.
(1) a numerical result of a deal, match, session or event;(slang) take a trick with; [Usage: Score the queen of spades = take a trick with the queen of spades.](slang) win. [Usage: Score three spades and two hearts = take three spade tricks and two heart tricks.
In Director, the tool that organizes and controls all of the elements in the movie. The playback head travels from point to point in the score and executes the commands recorded there. Sprites, scripts, palettes, and other elements can be positioned in the score to perform a certain way.
The layout space for sprites, similar in appearance to a spreadsheet. The score contains up to 1000 channels and a virtually unlimited number of frames.
A distance of twenty yards; -- a term used in ancient archery and gunnery.
a set of twenty members; "a score were sent out but only one returned"
a group or set of twenty.
a snapshot of your credit at one point in time
a "snapshot" of your credit risk at a particular point in time
This is the point total a company receives based on two-year return on average shareholder equity, the biggest factor, plus two-year growth in market value, sales and employees. A Seattle Times propriety weighting system is then applied to arrive at the final figure.
Many search engines use a number to track the relevance of the document to the query, using TF-IDF, fuzzy matching, vectors, or other algorithms. This is usually a number between 0 and 100 (or a percentage), between 1 and 10, between 0 and 1. Some search engines always give their best matches the top score and rate the others compared to that, while other engines score documents compared to a theoretical perfect document. In all cases, this works better with a long and sophisticated query than a short one. Many search engines treat retrieval and scoring as the same thing: documents which do not match the query are simply ranked at 0.
The score bar at the left of each row in the Result List indicates how closely that item matches the search criteria. The wider the score bar, the more relevant it is to the search criteria.
Search engines usually arrange search results from the most relevant to the least relevant (as determined by the search engine's algorithm ). In order to rank documents, the search engine assigns a score to each page and those with the highest scores are listed first. Most search engines simply give the maximum score to the most relevant document and score all other relevant documents relative to that document. Others compare all documents to a theoretically perfect document. The score of a web page therefore refers to its relevance as perceived by a specific search engine.
An account or reckoning; account of dues; bill; hence, indebtedness.
Account; reason; motive; sake; behalf.
To run up a score, or account of dues.
Score is the name of a sexploitation film directed by Radley Metzger that was part of the brief porn chic fad in the early 1970s that also included The Devil in Miss Jones and Deep Throat.
Scoring data means applying a data mining model to new data to generate predictions. See apply output.
Your score is made up of the following: Unit Scores Archer 1.8 Horseman 2.5 Maceman 1.5 Swordsman Trained Peasant 0.3 People 0.2 Thieves Catapults Buildings & Land Scores Mountain Forest Plains Gold Mine Tower 10 Town Centre 10 Mage Tower All Other Buildings Resources
Any specific number resulting from the assessment of an individual; a generic term applied for convenience to such diverse measures as test scores, estimates of latent variables, production counts, absence records, course grades, ratings, and so forth. American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, & National Council on Measurement in Education. (1999). Standards for educational and psychological testing. Washington, DC: American Educational Research Association, p. 181.
a physical status classification developed by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)
What a guy would like to do on a date.
SCORE is an English language general sports magazine printed in Madrid, Spain and distributed monthly along the Costa del Sol. The magazine adopts an Anglocentric focus on all sports, offering coverage of the month's top events, as well as a local focus.
SCORE was a joint venture with Financial News Network which aired sports-themed programming in the 1980s.
an amount due (as at a restaurant or bar); "add it to my score and I'll settle later"
a resentment strong enough to justify retaliation; "holding a grudge"; "settling a score"
(BLAST score) - The score in a BLAST output is usually given in 'bits'. The bit score is defined as: S' (bits) = [lambda * S (raw) - ln K] / ln 2 where lambda and K are Karlin-Altschul parameters. The expression of the score in terms of bits makes it independent of the scoring system used (i.e., which matrix). A more intuitive way to rank results involves the use of the Expect value (see above definition).
a bit deceiving
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The number of points gained by the contestants, or either of them, in any game, as in cards or cricket.
To make a score of, as points, runs, etc., in a game.
To keep the score in a game; to act as scorer.
A code or summary statement, usually but not necessarily numerical, that reflects an evaluation of the performance on a test, task, interview, or other sample of behavior, 6
Numerical rating of performance on a test. ("His score on the Graduate Record Exam was not so good.")
A numerical figure given by a judge to a hound in competition.
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1. To rout a channel or goove in a stone finishing with hand tools or a circular saw to interrupt the visual effect of a surface or to otherwise decorate. 2. To roughen the surface of stone or concrete with straight gouges so that stucco or plaster will adhere.
Keywords:  psi, hits, test, clinical, number
Number of "hits" obtained by a "subject" during clinical "psi" testing.
Number of hits in a psi test.
the grade received on an examination, such as those given in school or as a qualifying examination for a job or admission to school; -- it may be expressed as a percentage of answers which are correct, or as a number or letter; as, a score of 98 in a civil service exam.
The correct and incorrect answers you have given in an Exercise. A perfect score is 100. In a quad, the first correct answer is worth four points, the second worth three, the third worth two, and the fourth worth one. However, the first incorrect answer costs four points, and so on. In Video Lessons, each answer is worth 5 points. In Narrative Lessons, each answer is worth 10 points.
Scores are scale scores, generally estimated using Item Response Theory (IRT) by modeling the probability of answering a question in a certain way as a mathematical function of proficiency or skill. A set scale is created (e.g., 0–500 on the National Assessment of Educational Progress), with a set median and standard deviation. The results on the assessment are then related to the median of the scale such that almost all results are within two standard deviations of the median. (See Scale score.)
To determine the presence or absence of a phenotype by testing for growth under different conditions (e.g., plus and minus an auxotrophic supplement or permissive and nonpermissive conditions). Usually done by replica plating or patching colonies onto each type of plate. Synonymous with "screen".
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Basses 2, Castrati 0.
Keywords:  seduced, sally, harry, did, night
induce to have sex; "Harry finally seduced Sally"; "Did you score last night?"; "Harry made Sally"
Keywords:  fencers, they've, lost, match, wickets
The total value of all shots credited to a competitor for any one string, stage, or match.
What fencers try to do in the Venue after they've lost a match.
a presentation of how many runs a side has scored and how many wickets it has lost in an innings, expressed in text as either runs/wickets (in most of the world) or wickets/runs (in Australia) and spoken as "runs for wickets" (in most of the world) or "wickets for runs" (in Australia). The score is 200/4. (spoken "The score is two hundred for four.") the number of runs scored by a side in an innings. the score(1) or score(2) of each side in each innings so far played in a match. the number of runs scored by an individual batsman in one innings.
a non-negative integer, unbounded and increasing logarithmetically
A complete ochestration written out on the pagel with all the parts set out separately.
Keywords:  archaic, quantity
an archaic quantity
Keywords:  crossbar, goalposts, goal, ball, net
A ball going under the crossbar and between the goalposts, completely crossing the goal line.
To direct the ball into the net for a goal.
Keywords:  gpa, earned
The score earned in a GPA
a seduction culminating in sexual intercourse; "calling his seduction of the girl a `score' was a typical example of male slang"
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To Purchase Cannabis
Keywords:  overtake, cow, break, roping
In roping, to break quickly to overtake the cow.
The number of strokes taken on each hole.
gross score is the number of strokes taken to complete a hole or course. The net score is achieved by subtracting that player's handicap.
To succeed in finding a partner for sexual intercourse; to make a sexual conquest.
a percentage based on total serum phospholipids
Keywords:  scientific, assessing, way, pay, likely
a scientific way of assessing how likely a borrower is to pay back a loan
a scientific way of assessing how likely a borrower is to pay his bills
Keywords:  engrave, shield
To engrave, as upon a shield.
A written arrangement, particularly one that specifies parts for several instruments
To inscribe a line with a sharp instrument.
Keywords:  we're, formal, piece, way, information
a piece of information that we're not using in a formal way
a value associated with the number of failures uncovered during an audit run
Keywords:  didn't, know, facts, situation, actual
the facts about an actual situation; "he didn't know the score"
Keywords:  pathway, road, narrow
a narrow road or pathway
a simple, but effective method to describe organ dysfunction/failure in critically ill patients
a structure of notes like an event structure, but where notes are represented as single items, and where timing of items is absolute from the beginning of the track, instead of being represented in delta-times.
Keywords:  winner, bound, popular, get
a winner and is bound to get popular
Stands for Special Claim on Residual Equity, a certificate that entitles the owner to the capital appreciation of an underlying security, but not to the dividend income from the security.
How the site rated 0-100. Scores in brown are official scores (4 editors). Scores in orange are express scores (1 editor).
Each word has a score that indicates how much the word is associated to others. Score is a threshold to be applied to the words to be used for computing the word chains. If you raise it, then you will compute relationships on less words, and therefore you will obtain less relationships. Lower it, if you want to include more terms.
Keywords:  territory, map, represents
a map of the territory it represents, not the territory itself
a measure of the blockage present before implantation
Slang for achieving sexual activity with a desired partner.
Keywords:  illegally, drugs, purchase
To purchase drugs illegally.
Keywords:  pretty, thing, powerful
a pretty powerful thing
Keywords:  chance, something, trade, purchase
To obtain something by purchase, trade or chance.
Secure Command Operations Reporting & Exercise
a number that tells a lender how likely an individual
Keywords:  attribute, sum, weighted, value
a weighted sum of the value of each attribute
a measure of a house's efficiency relative to its reference house
Keywords:  buy, drugs
buy drugs
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See Service Code Online Report.
A specific value in a range of possible values describing the performance of a student.
Keywords:  especially, first, describe, woman, man
To have sex. Especially used to describe a man having sex with a woman for the first time.
Keywords:  credit, see
see credit score.