Definitions for "Scope "
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In DHCP, an administrative grouping of computers running the DHCP Client service. You create a scope for each subnet on the network to define parameters for that subnet.
NCL: The range or area within a program in which an identifier is meaningful.
a collection of IP addresses for computers on a subnet that use DHCP
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The length of mooring or anchor line in use
The ratio of length of an anchor line to the depth of water. The "depth" includes the height of the chock above the water, sometimes thought of as the length of rode.
The range and depth of a search on the dashboard site. For example, when searching for the term "fiscal reports," you can narrow the scope of your search to a particular category, such as "Earnings." See also: depth
the project's parameters. An item is said to be either in scope or out of scope.
Refers to the areas of your company such as departments and locations, the modules of your CRM software, and the business objectives that are to be included in the implementation. Areas left out of scope may be included in a second phase or subsequent project.
The field of investigation of an evaluation. Typically, this has to be defined from an institutional (EU versus national or local level), temporal (period review) and geographical (part of the EU territory) point of view. In addition, one has to identify the key evaluation issues (relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, utility, sustainability) which will be examined. See also effectiveness, efficiency, evaluation project, relevance, sustainability, utility.
Room or opportunity for free outlook or aim; space for action; amplitude of opportunity; free course or vent; liberty; range of view, intent, or action.
Length; extent; sweep; as, scope of cable.
The extent of a problem, or project, that you can address.
A large voluntary organisation engaged in campaigning and in providing a wide range of services for people with physical disabilities, in particular cerebral palsy, in England and Wales. Formerly known as the Spastics Society, it was founded by concerned parents in the 1950s.
The disability organisation in England and Wales whose focus is people with cerebral palsy
Scope is a UK-based charity, that focuses on people with cerebral palsy particularly, and disabled people in general. Its aim is that disabled people achieve equality.
a lexical part of a program text
a textual region of a Python program where a namespace is directly accessible
(n.) that part of an executable program within which a lexical token has a single interpretation. It may be an executable program, a scoping unit, a single statement, or a part of a statement.
a necessity here
a necessity to view birds from the shore
Terminology used to describe the process of viewing or observing the inside of ductwork, chimney chases, etc.
How much of the subject matter (world or universe) is covered in a game. A single dungeon encounter or an entire fantasy world? A single battle or an entire campaign? A day in the life or an entire lifetime? Also see Definition Die.
A specified section of the entire Library catalogue which can be searched on its own. This enables you to limit a search just to a single campus (Albury-Wodonga, Bendigo or Bundoora) or to online material, or to include the Entire Collection.
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A group of services. A scope can be a logical grouping of computers, such as all computers used by the production department, or a physical grouping, such as all computers located on the first floor. You can define a scope as part or all of your network.
The range that a policy can affect. Typically, the scope is defined as single or subtree. When the scope is defined as single, the policy only affects entities in the same branch in which the policy is defined. When the scope is defined as sub-tree, the policy affects the branch in which it is defined and all other branches that are subordinate to the policy's branch of origin.
A Scope defines a set of Zones that the Q engine currently has loaded into memory and is simulating. A Scope is placed on a Group, e.g. the Group for a Camera, and is given a radius. The radius determines how many Zones neighboring the Scope Zone will be loaded: if the number of Portals that must be traversed to get from the Scope's Zone to a Zone is less than or equal to the radius then that Zone will be loaded and simulated. class, P01
Information describing whether the scheduling policy indicates that threads compete directly with other threads within the process or the system. The AS/400 schedules threads within the system, and the pthread_attr_setscope() and pthread_attr_getscope() functions are not supported.
The scope of a connective in a WFF α is the shortest WFF in α that contains the occurrence of the connective.
the context in which a name or an occurrence is assigned to a given topic.
A description of the knowledge, skills, and values to be taught, which are organised in a range of contexts, such as topics, key ideas, or areas of study.
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The portion of the infobase to which a query is applied. Usually, the scope of a query is the entire infobase. The scope may be narrowed or expanded by searching in structures within the infobase (such as fields, levels, notes, or groups).
Used in two senses: search scope: may be base in which case only the supplied DN is used, one in which case the search descends one level from the supplied DN or sub in which case descends the hierarchy from the DN to the lowest level in the tree (DIT). name scope
A query scope specifies the set of documents that must be searched. Typically scopes are specified by a directory path on a storage volume, such as D:\Docs. Index Server can also use virtual roots to indicate scope.
a good idea here, as many of the waterbirds are quite far away, but the scenery is quite spectacular, especially after good rains when the water level in the wetland is high
Scope is a framework built around an extensible implementation of the Model-View-Controller pattern. It provides an easy-to-use Java library that can be used as a basis for component-oriented application development following the layered architecture detailed in Sun's J2EE and in Cheesman/Daniels: UML Components.
an area in which something acts or operates or has power or control: "the range of a supersonic jet"; "the ambit of municipal legislation"; "within the compass of this article"; "within the scope of an investigation"; "outside the reach of the law"; "in the political orbit of a world power"
Amplitude (reach and roundness) of movement.
refers to an arthroscopy, which is the visual examination of the interior of a joint with a special surgical instrument. It usually involves a shorter recovery time than more invasive surgery methods.
Predefined areas of operation for which a disaster recovery plan is developed.
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Monroe County slang for MDT.
shopping cart SoftLogic stardatecard Sun One
a module -- a stored procedure, trigger, function, or batch
a stored procedure, trigger, function or a batch
a metal tube encasing a series of coated glass lenses which allow the target to be viewed on the same focal plane as the sights
an optical instrument that the sniper uses to improve his ability to see a target clearly in most situations
See target population.
Short for periscope; the eyes of the submarine. There are two on each boat. They can be raised above the water while submerged and permit the submarine to see without being seen.
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short for oscilloscope.
That at which one aims; the thing or end to which the mind directs its view; that which is purposed to be reached or accomplished; hence, ultimate design, aim, or purpose; intention; drift; object.
The entire subject matter of a contract in terms of goods to be delivered or services or construction to be performed under the contract. Scope includes all contract terms, conditions, and specifications. The scope of a contract determines whether an alteration to the contract work may be accomplished by change order or by contract amendment. Scope also includes "scope of services", if appropriate, which defines the work to be accomplished under the contract.
The amount of work to be accomplished within a given time period and with a given set of resources. Scope, time and resources are in constant relationship to each other. If scope expands, then either time (schedule) must increase or additional resources must be allocated. If time is shortened, then either scope must decrease or resources must increased. If resources are decreased, then either time is increased or scope must be decreased, etc.
Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (ICSU)
Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (CFMS committee)
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a collection of name-value pairs, and is an instance of javax
a reference to a process instance, a reference to a service instance if the process contains services, and possibly a reference to a procedure instance called from this process/service
A setting that determines the categories of database tuning Oracle Expert will address for a given tuning session. You choose the scope when you create a new tuning session, and you can modify the scope for a tuning session. You can choose one or more tuning categories from one or more of the tuning types: instance tuning, application tuning, and structure tuning. See also instance tuning session, application tuning session, and structure tuning session.
A horse which has scope shows potential and capability for freedom and movement to a special degree.
To look for potential scammers.
The potential in a horse.
Scope describes the position of an object relative to the player. The score indicators are *present, *here, *held and *anywhere.
a magnifier of images of distant objects
a domain, computer, workgroup, or global catalog that stores information about and provides access to a set of available objects
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An X-windows/motif based tool for quick plotting of X-Y data from MDSplus TREES
The set of quantifiable job characteristics that ascribe value to a job.  Typical characteristics include number of subordinates, size of budget managed, and sales volume of the organization.
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shortly some strictly suggest
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Publication of the Marist Institute of Public Opinion
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Short run Socialist Economy
an immutable mapping from names to slots
a "region" of code in which a name can be used and outside of which the name cannot be easily accessed
The attribute of a message or pattern that determines how widely the ToolTalk service looks for matching messages or patterns.
The content that is to be covered.
The description of the contents of a research tool. To determine the scope, read the introduction to or use the help screens for the resource. Scope includes disciplines covered, years covered, languages, and types of publications. For example, Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature is updated monthly and began in 1890. Articles, arranged by subject, are from popular, mainly American, magazines. Only English language periodicals are included.
What's covered in a database: subject areas, dates, types of sources, etc.
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a grand improvement
The type of engagement. The scope of an engagement might be a review, an audit, or a compilation. A scope limitation is a restriction on the evidence the auditor can gather.
a means of explicitly packaging activities together so that they can share common error handling and compensation routines
a structured activity (see the section above entitled "Activities") that allows grouping of activities
To look at for the purpose of evaluation; usually with out; as, to scope out the area as a camping site.
An evaluative criteria which looks at what information is or is not included in a work.
The content of a work; what is included and what is excluded.
Scope describes the boundaries of a process and includes the start and end points, the context in which the process is performed and elements excluded from that context.
scope of deployment, that part of the whole in which the appropriate deployment of an approach is the practice
a dictionary of identifiers and their types
a limited portion of source code that provides a context for interpreting identifiers or names
The scope of an identifier is the portion of the program over which the identifier is known.
For a configuration, the set of items to which the configuration pertains.
an optional configuration that enables you to specify which computers can use the excepted port on your computer
a subset of the musical events of a score, selected according to some criteria
A brief description of the transaction.
the state of the environment in which a situation exists; "you can't do that in a university setting"
Supply Chain Optimization Planning & Execution
Standards Code of Practice Excellence
electronic equipment that provides visual images of varying electrical quantities
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The number of squares to which a piece can move. See "Mobility".
Extended area.
an area of the network over which the address is unique
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the elements to which an operator applies.