Definitions for "Scion"
A shoot or sprout of a plant; a sucker.
A piece of a slender branch or twig cut for grafting.
The growing tip of one plant that is grafted on to the stock.
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Hence, a descendant; an heir; as, a scion of a royal stock.
a descendent or heir; "a scion of royal stock"
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a Phd compatred to that
Ephemeral being created by an immortal to splinter off a taboo; can be taken over by their savant.
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a seasoned emcee steeped in the vibes of Hiphop's Golden Era
Scion was an American comic book published by Cross Gen Entertainment from July 2000 to April 2004. It was cancelled due to the bankruptcy of Crossgen Comics Inc in 2004.
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a signal that you're frugal and practical and a little bit fun
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a son or daughter
a full service accessory warehouse