Definitions for "Scintilla "
A spark; the least particle; an iota; a tittle.
a very minute amount of evidence
This is a Latin word meaning "spark" and is used to refer to evidence, often which must contain a "spark" to base a judgement.
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Scintilla is a free source code editing component for Win32 and GTK+. As well as features found in standard text editing components, Scintilla includes features especially useful when editing and debugging source code. These include support for syntax styling, error indicators, code completion and call tips.
Scintilla is a free source code editing component which includes useful features such as syntax styling, error indicators, folding, code completion and call tips. The project includes SciTE .
Scintilla is an open-source code-editing component. The most well-known application of Scintilla is Sci TE, a free text editor that contains many useful features for building simple programs.
Scintilla is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.
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a tiny or scarcely detectable amount