Definitions for "Schedules"
Along with the bankruptcy petition, the debtor must prepare and file bankruptcy schedules, which includes all property owned by the debtor, along with a list of all creditors to whom money is owed. Along with these schedules, a Statement of Financial Affairs must be filed.
Technically, the schedules of assets and liabilities; is also commonly used to include the statement of financial affairs. They show: (1) The debtor's property, location, quantity and money value thereof. (2) Names and addresses of creditors of each class. (3) Names and addresses of the stockholders of each class.
The official forms for the bankruptcy petition have schedules which must be completed. The schedules list the debtors assets and liabilities, the property claimed as exempt, and the debtors income and expenses.
IRS forms that are used to report various kinds of income, deductions, and credits.
Official IRS forms used to report various types of income, deductions, and/or credits.
(1) Listings of subjects and their subdivisions arranged in a systematic order with notation given for each subject and its subdivisions. (2) The series of DDC numbers 000–999, their headings and notes.
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Schedules define when Function Blocks (FBs) execute and when data and status is published on the bus.
In reinsurance arrangements, the provisions of the reinsurance treaty that cover the more variable elements such as the plans covered, retention limits, binding limits, and premium rates and allowances. Also known as exhibits and conditions.
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To plan a timetable; to set specific time for.
A schedule is an internal document releasing the factory to manufacture in accordance with the unit details.
Schedules also presented data in greater detail than it is presented in the financial statements. statistical tables: Presents comparative data, often for ten year periods and can include property values and population data.
A table that spells out information about construction elements.
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