Definitions for "Scenario analysis"
Scenario Analysis refers to the systematic evaluation of alternatives. Another wordfor alternatives that users will encounter often with CommunityViz is scenario. Eachalternative, or Scenario, is evaluated in the context of desired outcomes, whichthe user defines. This allows the user to track the effects of different Scenarioson factors which are important to the community. For example, a community with severalhousing development alternatives might want to assess their impacts on open spaces.Scenario Constructor could quantify these effects and compare them across Scenarios.Scenario Constructor supports the quantitative analysis and comparison of Scenarios.The other two modules of CommunityViz, Policy Simulator and SiteBuilder 3D, extendScenario Analysis into the realms of long-term predictive and visual analysis.
A risk analysis technique in which "bad" and " good" sets of financial circumstances are compared with a most likely, or base-case, situation.
an evaluation of how future scenarios of land use and land use change will affect a suite of indicators.
Examining the likely performance of an investment under a wide range of possible interest rate environments.
An examination of expected investment performance over a variety of assumed interest rate changes.
An examination of expected investment performance over a variety of assumed economic conditions.
a requirement for the conclusion of the update
Step The name of the step in the defined scenario. The step marks progress on the path that is being monitored.
A report showing the amount of activity at each step of a defined scenario, plus conversion rates for each transition from step to step as well as for the whole process. Examples of scenarios are check-out, registration, or application sequences.
A quantitative modeling technique that involves entering different sets of data into a model and then determining how changes in the input data affect the model's output. TO TOP
A subjective method of highlighting potential risk issues in order to allow preventative action to be taken.
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Screen stocks Seasonally adjusted
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a financial plan that looks at various possible situations