Definitions for "Scenario"
A description of how a particular actor achieves a tangible result.
A plausible description of how the future may develop, based on a coherent and internally consistent set of assumptions about key relationships and driving forces (e.g., rate of technology changes, prices). Note that scenarios are neither predictions nor forecasts.
formal description of a class of business activities including the semantics of business agreements, conventions and information content [centc251g
A preliminary sketch of the plot, or main incidents, of an opera.
An outline or model of an expected or supposed sequence of events. See also: use case scenario
A description of several (usually 3-5) possible descriptions of a situation. Hypothetical situations are interspersed with expected extrapolations of trends to list a combination of events that describes how a situation might occur. They are more useful for understanding the options and dealing with uncertainty than in predicting specific events.
a setting for a work of art or literature; "the scenario is France during the Reign of Terror"
a completely separate set of results that you can enter yourself and play "what if"
a given mission or set of objectives and their accompanying challenges in a game
a more or less self-contained "game situation" which can be played out as a piece of coherent narrative - usually an adventure
An adventure or series of adventures desinged around a common theme or background. (D&D 1)
( link / ) A series of linked encounters, often played out in one or two sessions, in which the PCs overcome a variety of obstacles. Scenarios can be linked together to form a campaign. (Synonymous with adventure.)
Scenarios describe the actual state of a system, and can consist of all the ingredients which can be used as conditions in model fragments, except for other model fragments. Scenarios are used as input for the qualitative simulator. The qualitative simulator interprets the scenario (finds applying model fragments, incorporates their consequences, and derives values) to generate one or more start states. These start states are used to generate the rest of the behavioural graph.
a process of training stimulation and actuation events that provide a simulation of battlefield entities, including individual targets, civilian and noncombatant entities, and a threat force
a set of instructions that ProActive Assistant uses to simulate user activity in Notes
"Scenario" was the third single from A Tribe Called Quest's second album The Low End Theory. The song features members of Leaders of the New School, and reached #6 on Billboard magazine's Hot Rap Tracks, #42 on its Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks, and #57 on the Billboard Hot 100. Among other Quest singles, only "Award Tour" charted higher on the Hot 100.
Scenario is a 1983 album by jazz fusion guitarist, Al Di Meola. It furthered the musical direction that became apparent on his previous album Electric Rendezvous and saw a greater influence of keyboard player Jan Hammer on the album. Other musicians on this album include Phil Collins (drums - Island Dreamer), Tony Levin (electric stick bass - Calliope) and Bill Bruford (Simmons electric drums - Calliope).
a combination of clues that affect a judgment
a series of assumptions, I suggest you get a clue
General] a set of economic and operating assumptions on the basis of which projections are made [identical to ASOP No. 7
The information needed to play a miniatures battle is known as the Scenario. A complete scenario consists of a map, tables of organization, special rules, and victory conditions.
a series of interrelated battles, in which your performance in one battle determines your troop strength and position for the next battle
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a collection of files which go together to define every aspect of the play experience for a single game of Armored Task Force
a list of steps
an XML file that describes all the steps that are necessary to move a database from one DbState to another
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a simple savegame file for CivNet
a collection of properties associated with a particular XSLT stylesheet transformation
a particular combination of the values of each of the relevant parameters discussed above
a set of values for various parameters defining a transformation
A VirtualCase scenario is a problem-based learning environment that allows a group of students to solve complex problems posed by the instructor using a variety of resources and communication tools.
a result of the previous choice with additional information and a new problem
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a database,' says Chardot
An instance of the CyberCiege game in which the player is given an initial budget and succeeds by reaching a defined objective.
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a specific use of data sourced from GISIN
a named list of InterMix areas and associated sorts, lengths and exclusions
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a controlled Ethereal capture
A construct characterizing the likely pathway affecting the safety of the food product. This may include consideration of processing, inspection, storage, distribution and consumer practices. Probability and severity values are applied to each scenario. [17
classroom activity or a unit which describes what students are doing with the language.
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a state of the entry
a collection of data for a model
a named combination of values that is assigned to one or more variable cells in a what-if model
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a clear example of the idea in real life action
an action that can call other actions
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a chain of trust
a very powerful evaluation tool for assessing the capabilities of application software
A formal specification of a group of business activities that may take place between parties to achieve a particular objective.
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a collection of attribute levels
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a possibility
an example execution which involves a number of objects and a number of messages
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a 'play list' of different items
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