Definitions for "SCE"
sister chromatid exchange. Reciprocal exchange of chromatin between two replicated chromosomes that remain attached to each other until anaphase of mitosis; used as a measure of mutagenicity of substances that produce this effect. RT mitosis.
SoftCuisine Data Exchange File
Sister Chromatid Exchange. Damage to the genetic material of a cell where chromosomes break then rejoin improperly, often used to indicate whether something is harmful to genes.
Supply Chain Execution. The ability to move manufactured products from the distributor warehouse to the customer.
Supply Chain Execution. A business strategy to improve shareholder and customer value by optimizing the flow of products, services and related information from source to customer. Supply Chain Management encompasses the processes of creating and fulfilling the market's demand for goods and services and involves a trading partner community engaged in a common goal of satisfying the end customer.
Supply Chain Execution. A subset of supply chain management, this is a framework of execution-oriented applications that enables the efficient procurement and supply of goods, services and information across enterprise boundaries to meet customer-specific demand. In its broadest sense, SCE includes the manufacturing execution system (MES), warehouse management system and other execution systems within the enterprise, as well as throughout the supply chain. The logistics-oriented elements of SCE include the transportation management system, warehouse management system, international trade systems (ITS), real-time decision support systems (e.g., dynamic routing and dynamic sourcing systems) and supply chain inventory visibility systems.
European Cooperative Society (Societas Cooperativa Europaea)
SOM Steering Committee on ECOTECH (Economic and Technical Cooperation) The SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation, formerly known as ECOTECH Sub-Committee of the SOM (ESC), assists the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) in coordinating and managing APEC's ECOTECH agenda and identifying value-added initiatives for cooperative action. The SCE advances the effective implementation of the 1996 Manila Framework for Strengthening Economic and Technical Cooperation and Development by consulting APEC Fora and developing policy management tools and guidelines for projects. As part of the reform process, with effect from 2006 the SCE was tasked with an enhanced mandate to strengthen the prioritisation and effective implementation of ECOTECH activities by various APEC fora.
State Categorical Exclusion Scoping Process of determining what are and what are not the real physical (including design requirements), biological, economic and social issues of a proposed transportation project
State Compensatory Education
Service Children's Education
Scottish Certificate of Education. Equivalent to a GCSE.
Superconducting electronics
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(Service Cryptologic Elements) - Branches of the armed services that are members of the Intelligence Community: U.S. Naval Security Group U.S. Marine Corps U.S. Coast Guard U.S. Army Intelligence Security Command U.S. Air Force Intelligence Agency
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Saturated calomel electrode.
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Southern California Edison
Specific Coverage Endorsement. An endorsement to the LRP policy necessary to provide coverage that includes information about the livestock insured. This is how coverage is actually purchased.
Service Creation Environment
service creation environments
Terminology derived from the ASTM-D-1056-65 specification. The SC Designation stands for cellular rubbers made from synthetic rubber or rubber-like materials having oil resistance with medium swell. The E is a designation for closed-cell material.
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College of Science and Engineering