Definitions for "Scattering"
Going or falling in various directions; not united or aggregated; divided among many; as, scattering votes.
(of light) a process in which molecules of air have absorbed some light from a beam and then reradiated it in other directions
The random reflection of photons by particles such as atoms or ions in a gas, or dust particles in interstellar space.
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Ultra-violt catastrophe
Time when most people are leaving the Gathering and dispersing.
a small number dispersed haphazardly; "the first scatterings of green"
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Act of strewing about; something scattered.
A process in which error-delusion techniques are applied to half-toning to eliminate banding on monochrome printers.
spreading widely or driving off
When Spanning is used under NetWare entire blocks of data are scattered among the drives, which have been spanned into a single volume.
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the act of scattering