Definitions for "Scattergram"
An x-y plot of consumption versus driving factor, both measured at regular intervals (typically weekly or monthly). (sample)
A graph with points plotted on a coordinate plane.
Graphic depiction of association between matched pairs of values. Each pair of observations is represented as a point where the values on the two dimensions intersect. The horizontal exist is referred to as the x-axis, and the vertical axis is called the y axis. Scattergrams are used to depict both correlation and regression. For correlation, it does not matter which variable is labeled x and which is labeled y. In regression, it doe matter. The dependent or predicted variable is always labeled y, while the independent or predictor variable is always labeled x. [See correlation coefficient, regression equation
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Same as scatter diagram.
A graphical indicator of a fund manager’s annualised risk and return performance over a period greater than 12 months.