Definitions for "Scatter plot"
a graph of a correlational relationship. (650)
Also known as scattergram or scatter diagram. A two dimensional graph representing a set of bi-variate data. That is, for each element being graphed, there are two separate pieces of data. For example, the height and weight of a group of 10 teenagers would result in a scatter plot of 10 separate points on the graph.
a graphic display used to illustrate degree of correlation between two variables.
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a natural place to start when comparing the NIR band (displayed as red) with the visible red band (displayed as green)
(n) A visualization technique that maps discrete values with point marks in either 2-D or 3-D space. A regression line is often included in the visualization to help recognize data trends.
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an interval recording method that can help show patterns related to a problem behavior and specific time periods
An interval recording method where data are recorded during specific time or activity periods.
a convenient to observe the distribution of intensity values and log ratios
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a good way to look for patterns