Definitions for "Scantling"
A piece of timber sawed or cut of a small size, as for studs, rails, etc.
The dimensions of a piece of timber with regard to its breadth and thickness; hence, the measure or dimensions of anything.
Dimensions of a piece of timber in breadth and thickness, but not including length. (Wood, Margaret. The English Medieval House, 414)
Keywords:  scanty, plentiful, small
Not plentiful; small; scanty.
Keywords:  rude, draught, sketch, rough, outline
A rough draught; a rude sketch or outline.
Keywords:  trestle, casks, lie, upright, frame
A frame for casks to lie upon; a trestle.
an upright in house framing
Keywords:  quantity, little, bit, fragment, piece
A fragment; a bit; a little piece.
A piece or quantity cut for a special purpose; a sample.
A small quantity; a little bit; not much.
Keywords:  lumber, inches, cross, section, ranging
1. A small piece of lumber. 2. Lumber with a cross-section ranging from 2 by 4 inches to 4 by 4 inches.