Definitions for "Scan"
To form an image or an electronic representation of, by passing a beam of light or electrons over, and detecting and recording the reflected or transmitted signal.
The imaging of an organ or part of the body using tracer amounts of radioactive chemicals e.g. Bone scan, ultrasound or liver scan.
(1) To examine stored data or information for a specific purpose as to content. (2) (See optical scanner.)
Specifically (Pros.), to go through with, as a verse, marking and distinguishing the feet of which it is composed; to show, in reading, the metrical structure of; to recite metrically.
The data collected in an entire pass across a barcode. May include various noise on either end.
(OALD) 4a analyse the metre of (a line of verse) by noting how it is stressed and how many syllables it has, ... 4b (of verse) have a proper metrical pattern.
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To go over and examine point by point; to examine with care; to look closely at or into; to scrutinize.
To examine quickly, from point to point, in search of something specific; as, to scan an article for mention of a particular person.
to examine or read something quickly, but selectively, for a particular purpose; skim.
a way of performing multiple probes using an automated tool
A scan is simply a large number of probes done using an automated tool. Scans can sometimes be the result of a misconfiguration or other error, but they are often a prelude to a more directed attack on systems that the intruder has found to be vulnerable. (From
A method for disclosing leaks in filter units in which the probe nozzle of an aerosol photometer is held approximately one inch from the area to be tested and moved at a rate of not more than 10 ft/min (3 m/min) across the test area. Also known as probing.
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What the computer does when you first turn on the power switch. It starts looking scanning the slots for a disk drive controller card. It looks first at slot 7 or the corresponding port; if it doesn't find a startup device there, it proceeds to the next-highest-numbered slot until it finds a startup device.
a general term for a variety of tests that "scan" or survey a part of the body, usually done in the radiology department. A lung scan is done to look for pulmonary emboli.
a process that uses radiology technology by sophisticated way
make a wide, sweeping search of; "The beams scanned the night sky"
One sweep of the target area in a camera tube or of the screen in a picture tube.
To transverse or sweep a sector or volume of airspace with a recurring pattern, by means of a controlled directional beam from a radar antenna. See also “Antenna, nutating”.
A sequential search for the binary signatures (patterns) of known viruses that have attached themselves to executable programs on your computer as well as trojans and spyware. Anti-virus and anti-spyware scans look through your files and databases to search for malware.
A virus scan searches through the files on your computer for infected files. It will return the results to you and either automatically decontaminate the infected files or give you advice on what to do next.
the results of a scanner search; rearscan - posterior scan; long range scan - scans made at long distance; mineral scan - scans made for minerals; videoscan - visual scan; geoscan - scans made of a planet's surface, geographical scan (EIT).
Function on a tuner which scans through each station with a signal and plays it for a few seconds before it moves to the next station.
any intelligent light where the light is moved by the movement of a mirror. See also moving mirror, moving yoke, scanner.
the process of measuring an interferogram with an FTIR. Typically, this involves moving the mirror in the interferometer back and forth once.
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"Scan" is the twenty-fifth episode of the television series Prison Break and the third episode of the second season. It is written by Zack Estrin and directed by Bryan Spicer. The episode was first aired on September 4, 2006.
Term relates to the process of utilizing a sensor to read a user’s sample into a system, for enrollment, identification, or verification. The term "live scan" is often used to refer to when a user’s sample is taken for the purposes of identification or verification.
a group of channels sampled in sequence
a set of samples, one from each channel being sampled
Abbreviation for the Scandinavian languages (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish).
a good idea in a multinodular goiter, mostly because you want to rule out a dominant cold nodule, again, which might indicate malignancy
To mount by steps; to go through with step by step.
a kind of systematic look at something specific, so in this case Reid's saying his doctor had a full set of tests
an effective screening test and the first step to medical therapy
Shared Check Authorization Network
an easy and painless way to check your bone density
The process by which the dictionary runs through the text in your document, checking the words for misspellings.
A set of observations with a common goal, for example, a pointing scan, a focus scan, or atmospheric amplitude calibrations scan.
a trace where a color or gray scale has been applied to the amplitude values
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Many modules, especially logic engines, work in a cycle. One repeat is called a scan. It begins by obtaining a copy of all the points from the MatPLC core. It then evaluates all the logic or does all the calculations (depending on the module). Finally, all changed points are written back to the MatPLC core - this only happens at the end of the scan, so if the logic wrote a point several times with different values, only the last value is ever seen by any other module.
a bitmap, not vector artwork
To digitize a slide, a photograph, or other artwork on a scanner using scanning software so that it can be displayed and edited on a computer.
The process of requesting information and receiving it. When applied to RTU communications, it is the whole process of requesting input signal data (eg status, analogs, and accumulators) from a RTU and receiving a reply.
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a computer file that copies the picture it into a computer
The act of comparing the source file on the Agent computer and its copy on the backup server, and identifying any changes to the file system. It is part of the process of synchronizing files. See also synchronize.
measuring the part, capturing data, and transferring the measured points to the computer. It also refers to the computer file that is based on the physical part, i.e., xyz coordinates that represent physical measurements taken by the scanner.
Refers to 1) the effective searchcoil detection width or 2) searchcoil movement over the ground.
Scan line or Scan leg: A series of spacecraft pointings in one dimension, where positions between two spacecraft pointings may be obtained by chopping. A scan is defined by the orientation and the tolerance angle.
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Drift scan exposure
Moving to a new document position and in the process providing information about the number of characters skipped and the new document position. Requires a scan mask to determine the direction and destination of the scan. See also: scan mask  document position
an industry leader in document
an excellent tool in identifying physical stress and upsets
Through-Tubing identification of Water-Gas-Oil contacts and cased hole porosity.
a process for the rapid isolation and functional characterization of tumor infiltrating and tumor associated T-cells.
State Controlled Area Network - A dedicated telephone network interconnecting State of Washington Agency offices. See inside Campus Directory for full information.
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The act of saving your character at a scanning terminal. After you've left the training grounds, dying will send you back to the last terminal at which you scanned, so scan often. Scanning costs credits, depending on the level of your character.
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(n.) See parallel prefix.
a graph of the emissions over a range of frequencies
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a specialized type of X-ray
a set of range measurements of the environment provided by e
To perform an operation that gathers information from a computer system.