Definitions for "Scalloped"
Keywords:  wavy, curves, ornamental, edge, border
Having the edge or border cut or marked with segments of circles. See Scallop, n., 2.
a series of semicircular curves along the edge of a fabric. Used as decorative edge for skirts, curtains.
A type of detailing characterized by round wavy edges
one of a consecutive series of circular protrusions; often refers to the margins of leaves or flowers
(crenate) Refers to a margin, generally of a leaf, with shallow, rounded teeth.
having a margin with rounded scallops
Keywords:  crumbs, baked, cooked
Baked in a scallop; cooked with crumbs.
Keywords:  furnished
Furnished with a scallop; made or done with or in a scallop.
Keywords:  fan, fixtures, shell, pattern, shaped
The fan or shell shaped pattern on some fixtures.