Definitions for "Scalar "
In the quaternion analysis, a quantity that has magnitude, but not direction; -- distinguished from a vector, which has both magnitude and direction.
A quantity that possesses a magnitude but not a direction. Mass and length are common examples.
A scalar is an element of the field of scalars for a vector space. The specification of a vector space includes specifying a field of scalars. The rules of scalar multiplication for that vector space apply to scalars from that field. Examples: R3 has real numbers for scalars C has complex numbers for scalars when viewed as a vector space over the complexes, but it can also be defined as a vector space with real scalars (a vector space "over the reals") in which case a basis would be {1,}. Synonyms: Related
Scalar is an addictive puzzle game where the goal is to assemble a picture from pieces. Each picture is divided into pieces that are shuffled and must be moved back to their original positions, which is accomplished by swapping them. Players can perform a limited number of swaps. The game is over when three images have been completed, and points are given for each swap left and various bonuses.
Scalar is an addictive puzzle game. The goal is to assemble images from pieces that are shuffled randomly. The game is based on SDL and works on Windows, Linux and MorphOS so far.
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NCL: A single element of data of any type is referred to as a scalar value.
Pertaining to data items with a rank of zero. A single data object of any intrinsic or derived data type. Contrast with array. See also rank-one object.
(1) A single datum that is not an array. (2) Not having the property of being an array.
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an eigenvalue
A scalar is a term which is used in many other programming languages, especially Perl, but has little meaning in Java. In Perl, a scalar can be an integer, a character, etc. In Java, each type of data has its own type, such as int, char, boolean, etc. See The Data Types Tutorial for more information.
An arithmetic object, or a pointer to an object of any type.
an individual thing which may not be unbundled into anything else
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Is a device that is used to change the resolution of a source (DVD, HD Tuner...) to match that of a display. These are usually inside of the display, but high quality ones can also be separate.
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real number.
In the context of a matrix problem, a scalar is a non-matrix, "normal" number.
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Scalar mathematical functions