Definitions for "SBA"
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Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin
See Susan B Anthony dollar.
Set Buffer Address. A term and command used in conjuction with 3270 data streams. Smith, Bucklin & Associates. An event management company used by the U.S. SHARE user group to assist with organization and conduction of semi-annual SHARE meetings.
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Argentinean Arabian Stud Book
Special Biological Area; sections of Jefferson and Washington National Forests that have been designated through a cooperative effort between the U.S. Forest Service and the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, Division of Natural Heritage; the designation refers to the presence of one or more rare species, but not a rare community.
Small Business Administration.
a government agency that guarantees loans for small, independently owned businesses.
Small Bus Admin
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Set Back Axle - The front axle is purposely located as far back as possible. This increases the loads applied to the front axle and increases the ability to turn due to shortened wheelbase.
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Secondary butyl alcohol
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Sovereign Base Area
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Should Be Archived
Simulation-Based Acquisition
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Summary Basis of Approval
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Sba Export Express
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State Board of Administration