Definitions for "Saxony"
Keywords:  merino, woollen, woolen, tweed, napped
A kind of glossy woolen cloth formerly much used.
1. a soft, heavy luxurious, napped fabric made from fine merino wool originally from Saxony, Germany. Used for coats 2. a soft tweed fabric of fine wool. Used for sport coats.
A breed of high quality German merino sheep named for the German province of Saxony. These woolens have very soft hands thanks to careful napping.
Keywords:  shag, dense, plies, tuft, pile
Saxony yarn, or flannel made of it or similar yarn.
A cut pile carpet with surface yarns that are even across the face. The yarns in saxony are thicker and have more tip definition than in a plush.
a cut pile carpet in which two or more plies of yarn have been twisted and heat-set so that the tip of each carpet tuft is distinguishable on the pile surface