Definitions for "Savings"
Income not spent on consumption.
Disposable income minus consumption. View LEI Lesson(s) that address this term
Accumulating funds by delaying or foregoing consumption.
Money saved.
Setting aside income, or money, for a future use. View Capstone Lesson(s) that address this concept
a fund of money put by as a reserve
Incentive Match Plans for Employees of Small Employers (SIMPLE) SIMPLE allows employers with no more than 100 employees to sponsor a retirement plan. Employees who are expected to receive at least $5,000 (and who did so in previous 2 years) are eligible to contribute through a deduction from their paychecks. They can receive an employer matching contribution of up to 3 percent of their pay. Employers may reduce that amount if business conditions vary from year to year. SIMPLE plans require few administrative burdens since the bank or financial institution receiving the funds does most of the paperwork.
Any form of stored liquid wealth. A potential borrower is required to demonstrate a savings record for at least 6 months before a loan will be approved under normal lending requirements. Many lenders now allow the first home owners grant to be counted towards savings.
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Savings & Community Bankers Of America
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The simulation results include the reference fuel savings made during the simulation period due to the use of the solar system.
Usually refers to liquid funds invested for a short time, sometimes refers to timed accounts such as certificates of deposit.