Definitions for "SAV"
Submerged aquatic vegetation, important but badly degraded bottom habitat in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.
Submerged Aquatic Vegetation. Plants that live under shallow tidal waters.
submerged aquatic vegetation. Aquatic vegetation, such as sea grasses, that cannot withstand excessive drying and therefore live with their leaves at or below the water surface. SAVs provide an important habitat for young fish and other aquatic organisms.
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Acronym for "Support Attack Virtuaroid". (SAV-326-0/9 Grys-Vok).
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Staff Assistance Visit
Staff Assistance Visits
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Sophos Anti-Virus
Abbreviation for "Start of Active Video". A digital synchronization sequence consisting of a sequence of four consecutive code words (a code word of all ones, a code word of all zeros, another code word of all zeros, and a code word including F (field/frame), V (vertical), H (horizontal), P3, P2, P1, and P0 (parity) bits.) which is used to designate the end of the horizontal blanking interval. The pixel immediately following the SAV is known as pixel 0 and designates the first pixel of the specific line of the digital image. See also EAV
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Backup or Saved File
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Sports Activity Vehicle
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Stock at valuation. This is the value of any stock a business has at the time of valuation.
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Saved (file name extension)