Definitions for "Saturation point"
A point on a thermodynamic diagram representing the state of the air defined by a pair of variables: sat and sat, where sat is the saturation pressure and sat is the saturation temperature. These latter variables are the pressure and temperature of an air parcel that was raised dry- adiabatically or lowered moist-adiabatically until it was just at saturation. The saturation point is a conserved variable for adiabatic motion and thus serves as a tracer for the air parcel on a thermodynamic diagram.
Air pores full of water, this is a flooded soil condition.Water will drain freely. Gravitational pull will affect water removal. Water held at 0 to 1/3 atmosphere or 5 psi.
(chemistry) the stage at which a substance will receive no more of another substance in solution or in a vapor
that concentration of solute in a solvent at which no more solute can go into solution; saturation point increases with increasing temperature.
The point on the operational curve of an amplifier where increase in input will no longer result in increase at the output.
The level of light intensity at which photosynthetic pigments are completely stimulated and unable to make use of additional light.