Definitions for "SAS"
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22 Special Air Service Regiment
miling, lways miling. Usage: In some apas, SAS indicates that a comment is not intended to be taken seriously, a sort of pre-emptive response to "you'd better smile when you say that pardner!"
Special Agreement School
Special Accounting Standards for ABS – SPCs
a specialist regiment of the British army that is trained in commando techniques of warfare and used in clandestine operations (especially against terrorist groups)
the Special Air Service; a SWAT/commando group (equiv. Green Berets, SEALs, etc.)
Space adaptation syndrome. The heartbeat speeds up in zero-g, and the inner ear kicks in the flight reflex, with a lot of adrenaline.
Simulator Adaptation Syndrome SIREN S imulator for Interdisciplinary Research in Ergonomics and Neuroscience
Self Activating Sounder/Siren.
Statistical Anaylsis System Statistical software
Science Archive System
a statistical software package. For more information, click here.
Student and Academic Services
Study abroad (student choice)
Student Administration System. The PeopleSoft Enterprise software application used to manage and analyze BGSU's student-related business processes such as records and registration, financial aid, and academic advisement. This Web-based software application will replace the Student Information System (SIS).
Stability augmentation system; also: Special Air Service (UK)
Security Alarm System
Scandinavian Airlines System
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Servicio Andaluz de Salud
Snow accumulation season. the season of drift growth, beginning with the first blowing snow event that causes drifts persisting through the winter, and ending when snowdrifts reach their maximum volume (Tabler 1994).
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See secure attention sequence.
Secure Attention Sequence. Otherwise known as the three-finger salute: Ctrl+Alt+Del.
Sensitive Aquatic Species of concern to the Maryland Biological Stream Survey, DNR
Scottish Ambulance Service
Software And Services
Swiss Accreditation Service
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See Surfers Against Sewage.
(Société par Actions Simplifiée) = business corporation for 2 to 7 shareholders
French for lock chamber, the area between the gates of a lock in which the water level changes to lift or lower a watercraft.
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Shopping Addicts Support
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Difficult, bad tempered.
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Safety At Sea.
Situation Assessment Summary