Definitions for "Sannyasin"
men of the twice-born who have entered the fourth stage of life – that of the sannyasa or Renouncer. They have given up all material possessions, family, career and home, and wander through India living rough and being fed as an act of charity by villagers. These wandering ascetics are treated with great respect for their sacrifices, and it is considered auspicious to have one living nearby. The aim of this lifestyle is to attain moksha by spending time becoming one with the world and thinking about the divine.
The fourth stage of the Hindu understanding of the human life cycle. In description, this usually follows the stage of retirement. In life, however, it can be entered at anytime and gives the individual the opportunity to become an ascetic. For a fuller discussion, go here.
Samyasin, Samnyasin A renuciate who, having given up worldly affairs and attachments, has entered the forth stage of life, often as a mendicant.
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a bamboo flute, a passage
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a divine warrior
a person who has taken a decision not to live in the past, not to live through the past, not to live through the future, not to go roundabout, but to be immediate
a person who lives in the world but lives meditatively, and meditation creates a distance
a person who lives more and more in alertness
Keywords:  soldier, god, grace, moment, sky
a soldier for God
a white cloud moving in the blue sky, enjoying every moment that God has given, enjoying every grace that comes to him
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a lecturer in the west and asks about Krishna -- as a teacher
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a person who has learned the Way of Tao, and he says 'I am no more
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an initiated disciple, one who takes sannyas
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a world citizen
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a genetic engineer