Definitions for "Sankhara"
Fabrication — the forces and factors that fabricate things, the process of fabrication, and the fabricated things that result. As the fourth khandha, this refers to the act of fabricating thoughts, urges, etc., within the mind. As a blanket term for all five khandhas, it refers to all things fabricated, compounded, or fashioned by nature. 'Sankharupekkha-ñana' refers to a stage of liberating insight in which all sankharas are viewed with a sense of equanimity.
All conditioned things
Mental/Karmic formation. The four of the five Khandhas.
Samskāra (Sanskrit: सम्स्कारा) or Sankhāra (Pali: सन्खारा) is an important term featuring prominently in the teaching of the Buddha.