Definitions for "Sandwich Construction"
A structural panel concept consisting in its simplest form of two relatively thin, parallel sheets of structural material bonded to, and separated by, a relatively thick, light-weight core.
Panels composed of a lightweight core material to which two relatively thin, dense, high strength faces or skins are adhered.
A type of fiberglass construction which resembles a sandwich consisting of relatively dense but high-strength facings bonded to a less dense but thicker intermediate material or "core".
Layers of materials, on top of each other, with additional components for sidewall strength and torisional flex patterning. Used to construct a board with different layers of materials on top of each other.
Layered materials such as FRP-foamFRP. Usually adhesively bonded. Typically strong and light. Often used in hulls; very widely used in decks.
A standard method of constructing the walls/ roof/floor for many coachbuilt motorhomes. The sandwich for a sidewall is usually of an aluminium or glass fibre exterior, backed plywood interior and insulation filler such as Styrofoam