Definitions for "Sandbagging"
Keywords:  slowplay, weakly, provoke, bluffs, slow
to Check in hope of drawing other players out, usually done when you've got at least a moderately strong hand and are hoping to take advantage of a Check-Raise situation. See also "slow play" which is a similar strategy but different. usage: "The guy was such a rock that the only choice I had was to sandbag him into thinking he could scare me off."
Sandbagging is another term for slow-play. To check or bet weakly when you have a strong hand.
Purposely going slow for one reason or another.
Sandbagging, in any handicapped sport, is the unethical practice of playing well below your ability in order to alter your handicap so it doesn't reflect your true ability. There are a number of anti-sandbagging measures in this League system. You can help by properly marking defensive shots (see DEFENSIVE SHOTS) during regular weekly play.
Entering a tournament at a lower division than you should. For example: a pro team entering a tournament as amateurs. Large leagues have ID systems to prevent this from going on.
Intentionally allowing other rider(s) to pass during a main event or within any round of a total points race so as not to gain wins towards classification advancement.
Sandbagging is a term used in drag racing when a racer has a dial-in time much slower than the car can actually perform. The function of sandbagging is to guarantee a win by outperforming the slower opponent at first, and then hitting the brakes near the finish line in time to just barely beat the opponent. However, sandbaggers run the risk of beating their dial-in time, thus disqualifying them from the race.
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Also known as sniping, it is when a bidder makes a last second bid before the close of an auction. To facilitate this, many buyers "sync up" their computer clocks with the clock on the auction site.
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to call although your cards are really strong.