Definitions for "Sanctioned"
Keywords:  yaba, hlrsc, wibc, sinclair, arba
conforming to orthodox or recognized rules; "the drinking of cocktails was as canonical a rite as the mixing"- Sinclair Lewis
shows that abide by ARBA and HLRSC (and perhaps local association) show rules and pay sanction fees are said to be ARBA sanctioned and/or HLRSC sanctioned (and perhaps sanctioned by other clubs as well). Sweepstakes points are accumulated only from sanctioned shows. Only legs earned at ARBA sanctioned shows can be used to earn a Grand Champion certification.
Competition which follows the rules set by the either the ABC, WIBC, or YABA.
Approved play by the American Bowling Congress.
Any bowling competition conducted in accordance with the rules set down by your national or international bowling federation.
( adj) legally or formally approved