Definitions for "SAN"
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(suffix) standard courtesy title used after one's surname or name, equivalent to Mr. or Mrs.
Mr., Mrs., etc. Used in cases where the subject is of roughly equal social standing and formality is preferred (such as when greeting a stranger).
Japanese. Default honorific suffix, used in situations of ordinary politeness when none of the others apply. See discussion of honorifics below.
This is a network of connected storage devices typically on the same high speed connections as servers in an enterprise. Often, the storage devices in a SAN are connected by fiber.
A high-speed subnetwork that interconnects different data storage devices with associated data servers for a large network. SANs support disk mirroring, backup and restore, archival and retrieval of archived data, data migration from one storage device to another, and the sharing of data among different servers in a network.
(2004-03-19) Chris Limb torage rea etwork. A high-speed subnetwork of shared storage devices - machines which contain nothing but a disk or disks for storing data.
(zan) or yama mountain
or -zan Mountain.
The San (or Bushmen) were the original inhabitants of South Africa, appearing there about 30 000 years ago, but were displaced westward from the lush mountains in the east toward the dryer Kalahari desert by the more powerful Zulu and Xhosa tribes who came from the north. Only a few scattered bands remain. Together with the Khoikhoi they form the Khoisan group.
common honourific (ie. Marcia-san, Contino-san) (rel. mina-san: everyone, when speaking respectfully to a group)
San (uppercase , lowercase ) was a letter of the Greek alphabet, appearing between Pi and Qoppa in alphabetical order, corresponding in position to the Phoenician Tsade , but its name comes from Shin. It usually had a phonemic value of , but eventually became disused in favour of sigma. The latest attested use is in the 6th century BC.
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Styrene Acrylonitrile
The indigenous people of the Western Cape. They were hunter-gatherers and are also sometimes called Bushman.
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Abbreviation for the San Antonio Spurs
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Standard algebratic notation. This is a standard way to describe a single move. Examples: d4, Nd3, Qxa8+, Bc5, etc. Of course, the server accepts moves in this format, this is the preferred notation in the club, but any player can use the long algebratic, the coordinate, or the correspondence notation to send in moves.
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San will be HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR's third studio album while under the SME Records label, and their first album to come in two formats, CD only and CD+DVD.
Standard Address Number. A unique identification code for each address of each organization in or served by the book industry. This includes book publishers, book wholesalers, book distributors, book retailers, college bookstores, libraries, library binders, and serial vendors. The SAN serves to facilitate such activities as purchasing, billing, shipping, receiving, paying, crediting, and refunding. Assignment of code numbers is centrally administered by the R. R. Bowker Company.
Stands for "Standard Account Number." A number assigned to libraries, schools and organizations that buy, sell or lend books.
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The Curse of Monkey Island Movie File
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simulated annealing
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chinese name meaning "three".
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One hundred
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number three
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It's me