Definitions for "Samurai"
In the former feudal system of Japan, the class or a member of the class, of military retainers of the daimios, constituting the gentry or lesser nobility. They possessed power of life and death over the commoners, and wore two swords as their distinguishing mark. Their special rights and privileges were abolished with the fall of feudalism in 1871. They were referred to as "a cross between a knight and a gentleman".
Originally come from the verb meaning to serve. Noble and honorable, one who has the duty and responsibility of protecting society.
Japanese warrior class of feudal era
Samurai is a German-style board game invented by Reiner Knizia, distributed by Hans im Glück in Germany and Rio Grande Games in the United States. It won the Deutscher Spiele Preis 4th place award in 1999. A shareware computer version was published by Klear Games in 2003.
Samurai (real name: Toshio Eto) is a fictional character in the Super Friends cartoons created by Hanna-Barbera. He was one of the later additions to the team along with other ethnically diverse superheroes in an effort for the show to promote cultural diversity. His voice actor is Jack Angel.
Samurai was one of the games for the Phillips Magnavox Odyssey², a console from the 1970's in the 8-bit home video game console era. The game is based upon the ancient strategy game of Go, originally played in China by the nobility. Even though at first Samurai may seem easier to learn, it contains a lot of strategy and can be very addictive.
Samurai is a Tamil language film released in 2002. The film was directed by then debutante, Balaji Sakthivel and produced by S Dhanu under the Alayam Banner. The film starred Vikram, Anita, Jayaseel and Shriya Reddyin the lead roles.
A hacker who hires out for legal cracking jobs, snooping for factions in corporate political fights, lawyers pursuing privacy-rights and First Amendment cases, and other parties with legitimate reasons to need an electronic locksmith.
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Originally comes from the verb meaning to serve. One who has the duty and responsibility to protect society.
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a right-handed person entirely
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a man who is after power