Definitions for "Sampajanna"
'Clarity of Consciousness', Clear Comprehension. This term is frequently met with in combination with Mindfulness (sati).
samoaja~n~na]: Alertness; self-awareness; presence of mind; clear comprehension. See sati.
Sampajañña (Pāli; Skt.: samprajaña) means "clear comprehension,"Bodhi (2005), p. 283; and, Soma (2003), pp. 60-100. "clear knowing,"Anālayo (2006), pp. 141 ff. "constant thorough understanding of impermanence,"VRI (1996), pp. 8-11. "fully alert" Thanissaro (1995). or "full awareness,"Nhat Hanh (1990), pp. 50-51. as well as "attention, consideration, discrimination, comprehension, circumspection." Rhys Davids & Stede (1921-25), p. 690, entry "Sampajañña."