Definitions for "Samadhi"
0ne pointed meditation free from all clinging to experience and sensory perception.
A state in which the aspirant is one with the object of his meditation, the Supreme Spirit pervading the universe, where there is a feeling of unutterable joy and peace.
stillness of the mind
or bhava samadhi Super conscious state. Through spiritual practice when the mind is perfectly concentrated, one transcends the limitations of the conscious state and gets the vision of Truth or Illumination --- simply stated, gets the vision of God.
Turning one's attention away from creation toward that which is uncreated. The individual is ecstatically transported and becomes unaware of his surroundings. In Christian mystical literature, this spiritual state is known as rapture.
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Adhering to continuity or eveness.
The state of forgetting one's own heaviness; becoming one with time, place, and circumstances; becoming one with what one is doing; that which comes forth when one becomes the life of the moment. (Return)
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Various stages of self-Realization
awareness that is not attached to any object, be it material or abstract.